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Elegant Wood Homes is a unique digital magazine focusing on the architecture of modern timber frame homes. The digital format of Elegant Wood Homes includes a variety of interactive elements that allow readers to explore timber homes inside an exciting and informative publication. Purchase single issues or order a subscription.

Timber Frame Home

New! Fall/Winter 2017


The Architecture

Kitchens and Timber Framing

The Layout

Bonus Spaces

The Glossary

The Legacy

History of Riverbend

The Construction

Who Will Build My Home?

The Energy Effciency

Heating Your Water

The Green Corner



Watch the video below as we take you through the magazine on a Kindle Fire.

What People Are Saying!

Fall Cover"BEAUTIFUL presentation, keep up the fine work!"


Winter Cover

"Most ENJOYABLE presentation. Thank you and continue the EXCELLENT efforts! "

"LOVE it!!"

Spring Cover

"BETTER than paper!! ..."

"...the INTERACTIVE elements added a FUN experience that you don't get with print. "


Elegant Wood Homes is an amazing timber frame magazine which will appeal to anyone who has ever fallen in love with the look of a timber frame home – from prospective home buyers to existing homeowners, remodelers and dreamers. For over 20 years PFB Custom Homes Group has been building timber homes for clients, and as such was uniquely positioned to create a magazine that could showcase the beauty and architectural details of wood homes. The timber frame magazine mixes beautiful photos with valuable information about architecture, interior design, building trends, and energy efficiency.

Beyond Digital It's Interactive

When we created Elegant Wood Homes we strove to build a true interactive experience for the reader. Subscribers can do more than just read the pages, they can delve into a floor plan, discover design options that fit with a certain lifestyle, and fully explore the details that make these timber homes so unique. Elegant Wood Homes is a new kind of publication, with years of experience behind the information.

 PFB Custom Homes Group is is a wholly owned subsidiary of PFB Corp. of Canada. PFB Custom Homes Group includes the industry-leading brands: Riverbend Timber Framing and PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes.


We are now accepting advertisers for Elegant Wood Homes. We encourage all of our advertisers to include interactive content because our readers will be more likely to act on your advertisement if you include an interactive element.

We will work with you to brainstorm ideas for your interactive elements and then create your interactive content for you, we just need the images or video that you want to use.

Email ads@elegantwoodhomes.com for advertising opportunities.